Do our PCs, tablets, and cell phones emit radiation? And are there harmful effects on our health? There is a huge amount of controversy around this question and it is easy to understand why.

We love these new technologies. We don’t want to believe they can hurt us. It’s just like a hundred years ago when we discovered the amazing power of coal to fuel our modern lifestyles. It took us years to discover how it was ruining our lungs, and then even later how it was compromising our earthly atmosphere.

But as with coal, if we admit the problems, then we can figure out how to minimize the negative effects, while we maximize benefits.

All electrical circuits emit small amounts of low-frequency radio waves. These are not natural to our earthly environment, so we ought to be immediately suspicious about how they might affect us. Anything life on earth has not been exposed to before is likely to be a challenge, at least a point of stress, for any living thing.
All deices which communicate cordlessly also emit these low-frequency waves. Our TV remotes, ham radios, blue-tooth devices, walkie-talkies, printers, and remote controlled toys. They are generally considered relatively safe for humans, especially because we have had radios around for quite a while.

But the increase in this low-frequency microwave radiation in this part of the electromagnetic spectrum has been exponential and continues as communication companies add increasing capabilities to our systems.

And we know that many humans and animals are very sensitive to these unnatural energy fields and get agitated, disoriented, and even in pain when exposed. So it makes sense that even when our reaction is less than obvious, or even undetectable, there is still some effect on our systems.

And cumulatively, it can be another source of stress. That is, it can act as a stressor which stimulates our stress response. The stress response, often called the fight or flight response, changes our metabolism and automatically shifts the priorities for bodily and mental functions, even if we don’t fight or flee.

With chronic stress, these changes lead to vulnerability to various effects on our well-being, such as lack of focus, depression, high blood pressure, blood chemistry imbalances, poor sleep, fatigue, susceptibility to infection, poor digestion, agitation, disorientation, and more.

Many experts will say that it is only high-frequency radiation, like X-rays and gamma rays, that are dangerous. But I advocate being more conservative, and recognizing that we should be wary of anything which our great-great-great grandparents didn’t have to deal with.

We know from experience that children many children become agitated and uncooperative when exposed to long sessions with digital devices. And a number of studies of shown a disturbing increase in the incidence of various cancers associated with prolonged close proximity to low-frequency microwave emitting devices.

So consider limiting your time in these unnatural energy fields. Avoid living near a microwave tower. Take regular mental health breaks from the computer or tablet. Take a walk, get outside, and have a glass of clean, filtered water.

Get a shield for the earpiece on your phone. I get mine from I interviewed the inventor, who had studied the effects of cellphones on health for over 10 years. Here is the interview.

The Waveshield costs just $25 and can make a big difference. I noticed my head doesn’t warm up like it did after a half-hour call.

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Avoid blue-tooth technology, and use the speaker phone whenever you can.

Meanwhile, surround yourself with good energy fields, that is, the natural direct magnetic field of the earth, the calming far-infrared energy of the sun, and the ionizing energy of the waterfall, forest, or seashore. All these have been with us since life began, and have a calming, re-balancing, and healing effect on our bodies and minds.

Only one company has combined these three energies in a number of convenient, easy to use, non-invasive, and affordable products which you can use everyday to help minimize the effects of the distorting energies of modern life. And that’s the Nikken Company.

To write this newsletter, I sit on a Nikken Kenkoseat to minimize the stress of an hour at the PC. I give Waveshields for Christmas to my family. I sleep on a Nikken Naturest Mattress Topper to restore balance every night. And I wear Nikken jewelry and insoles to help keep myself in optimal energy from head to toe.

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