In a survey I saw recently, the problem mothers mentioned most is feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there and feeling tortured by self-doubt.

Today’s struggles with jobs, finances, social media, health, schedules, shifting family relationships, and the very state of the world, all weigh heavily on families and make it difficult to maintain a confident, optimistic outlook. They make it even harder for you to feel that you’re preparing your child for her or his future when things are changing so fast now, you can have no idea what that future will look like.


So how can you stay confident that what you are doing will unlock and support your child’s potential as a happy, healthy, confident, compassionate human being?

First, we have found in working directly with hundreds of mothers over the years that, in spite of all the scary stories and daily headlines of disaster, we can reassure them that the probabilities are that their children will survive and turn out alright.

Second, if you are making this effort to check out what you can do to increase your effectiveness as a mother, then you have already increased your likelihood of success.

Third, it helps to remember that you are not dealing with a blank slate for either your child or yourself. Both of you have been “programmed” through many thousands of years to respond to each other. Before civilization, a child only survived if he or she tried to please his or her parents. And a village only survived if mothers responded to their child.

So the signals and responses are already inborn. The trick is to avoid confusing, denying, or distorting these beautiful instincts and tendencies. You and your child have what it takes already to do what you need to do to have both of you thrive in your special relationship.

You will find tools here to help you build the kind of self-assurance that will translate into self-confidence and healthy development for your child as well.

Check out our Blog, Books and other resources to continue to build the confidence and self-assurance you deserve as a mom.

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