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Bedtime matters!

  Bedtime Matters! In a significant study a couple of years ago, British researchers compared the bedtimes of over 10,000 children and found that a regular bedtime had a significant [...]

Today Is Equal Pay Day!

Happy Equal Pay Day! This is the day when women employees catch up with their male counterparts. Women get paid on average more than three-months-worth less than men doing the same job. So if the [...]

Who needs homework?

Who Needs Homework? Once we have children in  school, must our entire evening be about getting them to do their homework? What about just being a mom, giving them love and support in other areas [...]

Smart Phones for Kids

Smart Phones for Kids Smart phone or no smart phone? Thirty years ago you just wanted your child to know his or her home phone number and address, and perhaps your work number.  Now many parents [...]

What GMO Means For You

Food quality is a hot topic in the news today.  Many mothers are concerned about current efforts by leading chemical companies to alter our staple food crops in ways that have no precedent in [...]

Food Freedom

In America today the typical super-market in a middle-class neighborhood has over 3000 different items you can eat. But is that enough? We assume this is a fantastic variety and gives us an [...]

The Importance of Self Care

Scientists and health authorities tell us that most of the health care challenges we face today are largely preventable by changes in lifestyle. And that goes for most of the medical expenses we [...]

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