Scientists and health authorities tell us that most of the health care challenges we face today are largely preventable by changes in lifestyle. And that goes for most of the medical expenses we incur as well.  But what does this mean?

The chronic conditions which can kill us before our time, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer are on the increase and have been for several decades. These conditions develop over time, at first unnoticed, and are all closely linked to stress, poor lifestyle choices, and environmental toxins.
Likewise, health conditions which may not kill us but can destroy our quality of life, like obesity, bone and join pain, depression, anxiety, memory and attention issues, and fatigue, are similarly linked to the choices we make every day. These also are on the rise.

Our children are now suffering earlier and earlier with many of these conditions. Over a third of children, for example, are reported to be overweight or obese, and attention and developmental issues are notably increasing.

Our health care system is excellent for acute conditions like infection, poisonings, or injury, but for these chronic conditions it can only offer drugs, surgery, or radiation. But these are all by their very nature dangerous and cannot promise results. That’s why they are regulated, and the strongest ones are supposed to be available only by prescription from licensed physicians who are presumed to weigh the benefits against the inevitable negative effects.

Wouldn’t it be better to prevent the problems in the first place if we can?

This is where self care comes in. We can be healthy by choice rather than leaving it to chance.
Popular wisdom holds that choosing a healthy lifestyle, with diet and exercise and stress management techniques, takes too much time and money. Yet this is misleading. There is much we can do without a lot of time and money.

We don’t have to blame our own bodies for breaking down. We just need to give them what they need. The vital needs of the body are good air, good water, good food, good sleep, and good light. It can be that simple.

If we do all we can to remove the toxins form our air, water, and food, get a good night’s sleep, and get healthy light exposure, it is amazing what problems will never occur.

Of course we are each different genetically, but if we are healthy at twenty, we have what it takes to be healthy at 50, 60, 70, and more, as long as we meet our body’s vital needs and avoid things that put us in danger or reduce our natural ability to resist disease, maintain balance, and adapt as we age.
So here are a few simple tips to get you started.

  1. Have a protein breakfast within 90 minutes of getting up.
  2. Go to bed at a regular time and don’t eat within 90 minutes of bedtime.
  3. Get an air purifier which has an ultra-HEPA filter and produces beneficial ions without producing any ozone.
  4. Get a water filter for your drinking and cooking water and your shower which produces healthy alkaline water.
  5. Make sure your sleep environment is dark and your bedding is comfortable and chemical free.
  6. Avoid added sugar and eat whole organic foods and fresh vegetables and fruit whenever possible. Minimize refined sugars, additives, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and colorings as much as possible.
  7. Take well balanced, organic based food supplements to assure all vital nutritional needs are covered.
  8. Find out about the one-stop shop where I find all these resources, and have been doing so for my family with fantastic results: I was so swept away by these products 18 years ago that I now retail them at this website. But don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourself!
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