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    You may have found us because you are curious to see if we can help you make your life as a mother easier or more satisfying. Or perhaps you have a problem with your child and you are seeking a particular solution. We believe we will have the answers you seek.

    For humanity, motherhood is the most important role on the planet. But for each particular mother, motherhood is a totally new experience.

    With our long experience as mother and grandmother, and helping thousands of families over the past 35 years, we believe we can help you to build a strong, positive relationship with your child in the quickest, easiest, most fun way.

    We believe we have a unique perspective on what makes motherhood fun, rewarding, and successful. We believe successful motherhood is created one day at a time, and starts in the mind of the mother. When you begin to explore our materials we believe you will come to agree.

    If you are exhausted, stressed, feeling achy and awful, or unappreciated by yourself or others, you can’t be your best self for your child, nor are you creating the best model for her or him. There is much you can do to build your energy, well-being, and peace of mind without taking time away from your child. We call this essential Self-Care.

    You may want to feel more confident and self-assured about your mothering. In my counseling practice, I found that worry and frustration were poisoning the lives of otherwise capable moms. Once you know that you are marshaling all the tools available and are applying your skills effectively, you will quickly gain that Self-Assurance.

    A critical but largely ignored part of motherhood is the thoughts you carry with you when you go about your day. Even when you are not with your child and particularly when you are about to interact with her or him, your thoughts are powerful. You may find that your child responds more to your actual thoughts than to anything you say or do. We call this Self-Talk, and it can transform your motherhood experience in days.

    We look forward to hearing from you. Check into our blog for all these topics. Take advantage of the extensive information, personal stories, enlightening principles, inspiration, case histories, dialogues and more, collected in our books. Visit our store to find a complete selection of home products to help you create the ultimate wellness environment for you and your child to thrive. And you can also enjoy over 80 enlightening radio interviews with other experts on issues of concern to moms, at

    30 years of research, uncovered in the subjects of Parenting, Motherhood, Healthy Living and more.

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