Successful parenting starts in the mind of the mother. What are you saying to yourself about your child, her personality, her attitude, or her chances at life? Or about his personality, his attitude, or his chances at life?

Are you tempted to think of your child as lazy, or unmotivated, or uncooperative, or rebellious, or hormonal or impossible?

Or do you mostly think of him or her as friendly, helpful, smart, ambitious, kind and promising?

Do you look forward to your child’s smile in the morning or are you thinking about whether they will baulk at the breakfast you offer?

In the evening, are you determined to get them to their homework right away, or are you thinking about being sure to give them a welcoming smile yourself?

What you say to yourself set’s the tone for the whole interaction, whether you are aware of it or not.

I had a client once who insisted that her son would end up in jail. I suggested that she might do better by imaging visiting him and her grandchildren at his house. It was a big shift for her but she did it. Now ten years later, she is joyfully doing the latter.

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